VFS Global, Partnering Governments. Providing Solutions.
Partnering Governments. Providing Solutions.

Verification Services

  • VFS Global launched its Verification Services in 2008 with the purpose of providing visa applicant screening solutions for diplomatic missions
  • A team of background screening specialists with a combined experience of 25 years
  • Capability to provide Verification Services in over 100 countries
  • Stringent adherence to the global quality assurance standards and robust security systems

皇玺娱乐平台 www.q23rn.com.cn With shrinking geographical boundaries and increased use of information technology, misrepresentation of facts and falsification of documents have become common practices. Failure to perform background checks in today’s global scenario can be a huge risk.
In 2008, recognising the urgent need to vet the credentials of visa applicants in order to mitigate the risks of wrongful persons entering partner countries, VFS Global launched the verification process to add value to the diplomatic missions.

Having a global reach and local expertise, VFS Global understands that there is a vital need for a well networked, scalable and professionally managed verification process to authenticate available information and supporting documents.

Verifications team through its commitment to Quality, Authenticity and Reliability assures its business associates of correct reports without any prejudice; efficient turnaround times; and complete confidentiality.

Screening Services

Vetting of visa applicants: Precedent shows that visa applicants falsify documents to reach more developed countries for growth opportunities and financial betterment. VFS Global’s Verifications team examines and investigates the credentials of the applicants to provide accurate information to the diplomatic missions.

Background screening for employment purpose: The Verifications team conducts background checks for employees to mitigate the risks of wrong hiring.

Services Offered

Based on our experience and observation of discrepancies, VFS Global offers the following verification services:

  • Education check
  • Employment check
  • Criminal record check
  • Relationship check
  • Marriageability check
  • Financial and terrorist record check
  • Passport check
  • Address check
  • Identity proof


VFS Global’s verification services are not just limited to the above mentioned checks and can be customised as per the clients’ needs.

Key Features of Verification Services

Security/Integrity and Performance Management

  • Various internal and external audits are conducted by the Corporate Security in order to ensure that highest level of integrity is maintained and correct practices are followed.
  • Continuous efforts are made to assess risks, efficiency, key areas of improvement in order to strengthen internal control and quality.
  • Independent scrutiny is provided by the involvement of the quality management team, who checks all verification reports.
  • Verification processes at VFS Global are certified with ISO 9001:2008 for Quality Management System by TUV SUD.
  • All employees undergo a thorough pre-employment screening process.
  • Robust systems and security tools, as per VFS Global information security guidelines, ensure adherence to information security policies, ensuring no loss of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data.


  • VFS Global’s verification services provide collateral evidences against every statement in order to corroborate the credibility of the report
  • It precludes the requirement of further cross examination or producing documentary evidence to contradict the report findings

Site Visits

Physical site visits are conducted wherever required to ascertain the veracity of the documents in order to ensure the physical existence of the claims made by the applicants.

Quality Check

The report undergoes a stringent scrutiny at three levels by a team of in-house experts. At this stage we check the collateral evidences, corroborate details of respondents and ensure that the process followed is as per the guidelines provided by the client.

Attestation Services

Attestation is the process of authenticating certificates and documents for genuineness. In some countries it is also referred to as Authentication and Legalisation.

This is a process of legalisation required by some governments for granting residence permits to start a company or to enrol into an institute as a student for higher education in the UAE.

VFS Global offers Attestation services for 91 countries.

Scope of work

  • Attestations of certificates/documents from the certificate’s country of origin, e.g. India, Sri Lanka, France, Australia, UK, US, South Africa, Brazil to name a few
  • Certificates that are to be attested/ legalised by the concerned government authority in the country of origin and also by the Embassy or Consulate of the country the applicant plans to work in
  • Individuals residing in a foreign country that has signed the Hague Convention which has abolished the requirement for legalisation of public documents do not require their documents to be attested. Embassy legalization is required for those countries that are not signatories of the Hague Agreement

What VFS Global can offer:

  • VFS Global can offer a single stop service station to undertake multi-country attestation services for various nationalities
  • VFS Global already has an impressive global operational network with expertise and skill


Brian Davidson
Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Thailand

Hugh Keachie
Customer Service Excellence Standard Assessor at Centre for Assessment (CFA) in Manchester, UK

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